Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment Program

choosing addiction treatment program

Acknowledging that you need an addiction treatment program is a great first step. For the next step, knowing what to look for in a program can make a significant difference in the success of your recovery. If you are not able to attend sessions because of the location or cost, or if the program’s philosophical…

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Caution: Holiday Madness Ahead


Holidays can be huge triggers for recovering alcoholics and addicts, regardless of how many years you have been sober. Family dynamics alone can be enough to “drive one to drink” but add all the festive trimmings and you potentially have a recipe for disaster. Recovery is much more than abstaining from your drug of choice…

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What’s New on SoberAustin? Opioid Recovery Page


November 2, 2018- Austin, Texas- An Opioid Recovery page has been added under the Recovery tab including a brief description, links for local treatment and recovery providers, support organizations, and a 12-page guide for parents and families.

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