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Coronavirus: How to Prepare, Not Panic, During an Outbreak

prepare, not panic, during an outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone naturally concerned about their health and safety. Different people, of course, react differently to the virus, its effects, and the new restrictions under which they are living now. In the time of an outbreak or any crisis, it is always better to prepare than to panic. Learning how to prepare,…

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COVID-19 Resources for People in Addiction Recovery

COVID-19 resources

Addiction recovery must continue to be a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may be challenging to access treatment in person, there are other options available for you. It will help you to learn more about COVID-19 resources for people in addiction recovery, so you’ll be able to get the support you need even…

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The Daring Way | Brené Brown | Austin Area Workshops

The Daring Way Brené Brown

There are many innovative and effective approaches to addiction and recovery in the Austin area. Addiction treatment often focuses on vulnerability, being open to emotions and honesty. In addiction, people tend to be more closed off and secretive. It is important for the person addicted to drugs or alcohol to become vulnerable and to break…

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Nutrition and Addiction | How Your Diet Affects Your Recovery

nutrition and addiction

Addiction can affect physical health in many ways. Not eating well, eating too much, and metabolic disruptions can affect your nutrition when you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Likewise, your diet affects your recovery efforts in a positive way by contributing to your physical and mental recovery. Challenges in Addiction Issues such as dehydration,…

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How to Recognize Binge Drinking

One out of every six American adults binge drinks at least four times a month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call binge drinking the most common, costly and deadly pattern of excessive alcohol use in the U.S. Many mistakenly assume that binge drinking is a more innocent form of alcohol consumption than excessive…

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When High-Functioning Alcoholics Hit Their Tipping Point

Nearly 20 percent of alcoholics are “highly functional.” That means they have good jobs, a large circle of friends and, in some cases, an overall fulfilling life. Because a high-functioning alcoholic might feel as though drinking isn’t affecting their life, they often deny that they have a problem. However, excessive alcohol use always has consequences.…

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8 Signs Your Loved One Has Relapsed

Many people mistakenly think of a relapse as a singular occurrence. They might assume it happens when someone in recovery randomly experiences a craving that leads to substance or alcohol use. Relapses are rarely this simple. A relapse can unfold over varying lengths of time. A person in recovery might first experience depression or stress…

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In Addiction and Recovery, You Are Never Alone

The need to connect with others is hard-wired into all of us. People need relationships to feel complete and, when they feel deprived of them, they suffer dearly. Isolation and loneliness are leading causes of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Substances place a barrier between us and our loved ones. When people feel disconnected…

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