Austin Wellness Resources for Early Recovery

Austin Wellness Resources for Early Recovery

Austin wellness resources

Making the decision to seek help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol is an important first step toward recovery. When you want to stop using these substances, you need professional treatment to guide you through a safe detox process. However, stopping the use of drugs or alcohol is just one part of the complex recovery process. There are a number of Austin wellness resources for early recovery to help you along the way.

Entering Treatment

When you enter treatment, addiction has undoubtedly already caused serious consequences in your life, possibly disrupting your health and how you function in your family life, at work, and in the community. Because addiction can affect so many aspects of a person’s life, treatment should address the needs of the whole person to be successful. Counselors may select from a menu of services that meet the specific medical, mental, social, occupational, family, and legal needs of their patients to help in their recovery.

Early Stages

In the early hours and days of your recovery, you probably will have some ambivalent feelings about giving up your drug of choice permanently, and you may think that your substance abuse problem is not as bad as others. Be wary of this attitude. Ambivalence and denial can be your worst enemies in the first days of your recovery. In early recovery, the goal is to help you decide to actively participate in treatment and accept that abstinence is the goal.

Once you have made a commitment to continue treatment for your substance abuse problem, you will enter the stage known as early abstinence. Early abstinence from drugs and alcohol is significantly associated with positive treatment outcomes. However, this can also be the toughest stage to cope with because of many factors, including withdrawal symptoms and triggers that can tempt you into a relapse.

It is during this stage of early recovery that your trained addiction counselor will begin to teach you the coping skills that you need to lead a sober lifestyle. Austin wellness resources for early recovery are available to provide the tools you need now and that will help you throughout your recovery.

Sage Recovery

Sage Recovery & Wellness offers a full continuum of services for individuals, couples, and families. Their clinical team utilizes a trauma-informed and holistic approach to mental health and substance use treatments. Sage Recovery understands that all recovery journeys to wellness are unique and flexibility is necessary. They offer opportunities for you to explore different recovery models and do not rigidly impose one method over another. Located on Bee Caves Road in Austin, Sage Recovery can be reached at 512-306-1394.

Omega Recovery

At Omega Recovery, you have access to the latest in addiction treatment through their community integrated treatment program. In this “community integration” model clients get to experience life, shopping in the supermarket, going on a barbeque, going to a doctor’s appointment, going on a job interview, all with staff supervision and clinical staff that can help process any and all the feelings and emotions that can so often arise in early recovery. Located on Evergreen Avenue in Austin, Omega Recovery can be reached at 512-456-9373.

BRC Recovery

BRC Recovery was founded in 2006 to provide treatment for chronic relapsers and the treatment resistant. High levels of structure and discipline, 12-step immersion, proven psychological treatment, and a commitment to holistic healing are the foundation of their program. Today, BRC serves as the parent organization of the BRC Family of Programs. BRC offers clinically advanced treatment for all addictions. Located on Parsons Road in Manor, Texas, BRC Recovery can be reached at 1-866-291-2676.

Driftwood Recovery

At Driftwood, their approach is founded on an attachment-based, sanctuary-informed model. Your healing begins when you can address the traumatic experience of addiction, mental illness, or chronic pain and rebuild a connection to self and others. The Driftwood experience involves top-notch clinical care from a team of therapists and medical professionals with decades of experience in the field of mental health, substance abuse, and chronic pain. Driftwood is located on Elder Hill Road in Driftwood and can be reached at 512-759-8329.

Makana Path

At Makana Path, specialized and integrated detox and recovery services are designed to give you the gift of healing. Through medically-supervised detox, clinically sophisticated therapies and an emphasis on spiritual health, the team at Makana Path can help you heal your mind, body and spirit, and empower you to recreate the life you’ve always wanted. Located on Lexington Road in Elgin, Makana Path can be reached at 1-866-313-0978.


At Sober Austin, we provide the resources you need, including Austin wellness resources for early recovery. If you or your loved is struggling with addiction and need to learn more about available resources, please browse our site to learn more about finding support in Austin. Please feel free to contact us directly by calling (512) 522-7135 or emailing