Do You Have a Problem with Alcohol or Drugs?

Am I an Addict?


You are not alone. Millions of people confront the problem use of alcohol and drugs. Do you have problems as a result of your drinking or drug use? Are you constantly in trouble with your loved ones because they think you have a problem, but you aren’t sure?  Here are some assessment tools to help you determine if you have a problem.

Self Assessment Tools

Assessment tools do not provide a diagnosis of alcohol or drug abuse, alcohol or drug dependence or any other medical condition. The information provided here cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a health professional, and should only be used as a guide to understanding your alcohol and/or drug use and the potential health issues involved with it.

How are alcohol and drugs affecting your life?
If you’re a teen (12-17 years old) concerned about your own drug and/or alcohol use

Am I an alcoholic?
If you’re an adult (18 or older) concerned about your drinking

Am I addicted to drugs?
If you’re an adult (18 or older) concerned about your drug use

What To Do

Talk to a Professional
The first step for anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs is to get a professional assessment. A professional who specializes in chemical dependency can advise you if you will need detoxification and what type of treatment will be appropriate for your needs. Assessments can be administered by detoxification centers, treatment centers/programs, addiction doctors/addictionologists and addiction counselors/therapists. You will find local listings for these professionals on the pages listed to your left.

Who to Call

Call any of the addiction counselors, addiction doctors, treatment centers or recovery programs listed on this website. If you are experiencing physical or medical problems, contact your physician as soon as possible. If it is an emergency or life threatening situation, call 911.

If you need assistance selecting a professional or treatment center, call (512) 522-7135 or email