When High-Functioning Alcoholics Hit Their Tipping Point

Nearly 20 percent of alcoholics are “highly functional.” That means they have good jobs, a large circle of friends and, in some cases, an overall fulfilling life. Because a high-functioning alcoholic might feel as though drinking isn’t affecting their life, they often deny that they have a problem. However, excessive alcohol use always has consequences.…

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October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Most people who have a substance use disorder started using drugs or alcohol before age 18. Preventing drug and alcohol use by young people could greatly decrease their chances of suffering from addiction. October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, and it is a valuable opportunity to start the conversation about the dangers of youth…

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8 Signs Your Loved One Has Relapsed

Many people mistakenly think of a relapse as a singular occurrence. They might assume it happens when someone in recovery randomly experiences a craving that leads to substance or alcohol use. Relapses are rarely this simple. A relapse can unfold over varying lengths of time. A person in recovery might first experience depression or stress…

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In Addiction and Recovery, You Are Never Alone

The need to connect with others is hard-wired into all of us. People need relationships to feel complete and, when they feel deprived of them, they suffer dearly. Isolation and loneliness are leading causes of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Substances place a barrier between us and our loved ones. When people feel disconnected…

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The Role that Sponsors Play in 12-Step Programs

A 12-step program offers vital tools to help people begin the journey of recovery. People with substance use disorders have relied on these programs since the 1930s, and their staying power is a testament to their effectiveness. 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are effective for several reasons, one of which is the use of sponsors.…

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Caution: Holiday Madness Ahead


Holidays can be huge triggers for recovering alcoholics and addicts, regardless of how many years you have been sober. Family dynamics alone can be enough to “drive one to drink” but add all the festive trimmings and you potentially have a recipe for disaster. Recovery is much more than abstaining from your drug of choice…

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What’s New on SoberAustin? Opioid Recovery Page


November 2, 2018- Austin, Texas- An Opioid Recovery page has been added under the Recovery tab including a brief description, links for local treatment and recovery providers, support organizations, and a 12-page guide for parents and families.

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It’s Sober Austin’s 10 Year Anniversary !

"Sober Austin"

In 2007, I launched SoberAustin.com with the goal of providing a comprehensive website for the Austin community on the prevention, treatment and ongoing recovery from the disease of alcoholism, drug addiction and related mental health issues.

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