Sober 4th of July Celebrations in Austin, Texas

sober 4th of July celebrations

Independence Day is usually a time of gathering with friends and family, watching fireworks, and having a fun celebration. During the COVID-19 pandemic, things have changed just a bit. You can still find lots of ways to celebrate and have fun, of course. There are also a lot of options for sober 4th of July…

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Life Skills for Young Adults in Addiction Recovery

life skills for young adults in addiction recovery

Young adulthood is typically a time to learn essential life skills such as how to handle finances and manage a job search. When the young adult is focused almost entirely on where and how to get the next supply of drugs or alcohol, though, those life skills become a very low priority. Life skills for…

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Process Addictions Explained | Introduction to Behavioral Addictions

behavioral addictions

When you think of addiction, the first thing you probably think of is an addiction to substances such as drugs or alcohol. There are other kinds of addiction that can be equally challenging and devastating. For example, a process addiction is an addiction to a particular type of behavior. The following is an introduction to…

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Tips to Improve Your Mental Health During Self-Quarantine

improve your mental health

After several months of staying home, social distancing, and avoiding contact with others, you are probably a little frustrated and anxious. Your feelings are totally understandable, under the circumstances. Many people are experiencing these same challenges. As we wrap up Mental Health Month, let’s take a look at some tips to improve your mental health…

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Observing Mental Health Month: Austin Resources for Mental Health Care

Austin resources for mental health care

Mental Health Month has landed, appropriately, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are experiencing stress, anxiety, and other daily challenges to their mental health while obeying orders to stay at home and maintain social distances from other people. Many businesses continue to be closed, as Austin’s stay-at-home orders have been extended to…

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Coronavirus: How to Prepare, Not Panic, During an Outbreak

prepare, not panic, during an outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone naturally concerned about their health and safety. Different people, of course, react differently to the virus, its effects, and the new restrictions under which they are living now. In the time of an outbreak or any crisis, it is always better to prepare than to panic. Learning how to prepare,…

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COVID-19 Resources for People in Addiction Recovery

COVID-19 resources

Addiction recovery must continue to be a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may be challenging to access treatment in person, there are other options available for you. It will help you to learn more about COVID-19 resources for people in addiction recovery, so you’ll be able to get the support you need even…

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Spotlight: Clean and Sober World Series

clean and sober world series

“It’s possible to have fun while staying clean and sober.” That is the message conveyed by the directors of the Clean and Sober National Softball Association (CSNSA) as they encourage ball players to enjoy the game and the competition without drugs or alcohol. CSNSA events and the culminating Clean and Sober World Series provide an…

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The Daring Way | Brené Brown | Austin Area Workshops

The Daring Way Brené Brown

There are many innovative and effective approaches to addiction and recovery in the Austin area. Addiction treatment often focuses on vulnerability, being open to emotions and honesty. In addiction, people tend to be more closed off and secretive. It is important for the person addicted to drugs or alcohol to become vulnerable and to break…

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The History of the 12 Steps

12 Steps

An affluent man from Rhode Island, a religious movement called the Oxford Group, a New York stockbroker, an Akron surgeon, and Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung all had a hand in the development of the fellowship now known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Today the organization estimates its membership at over 2 million people. Understanding the history…

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